Stockyard - Buckeye Hope Sponsor Update Features Mr. Sycz

Stockyard - Buckeye Hope Sponsor Update Features Mr. Sycz
Posted on 12/01/2016

Buckeye Community Hope Foundation Sponsor Update
December 2016

A picture is worth a thousand words!

Principal Amber Steele encourages creativity among the teaching staff at Constellation Schools: Stockyard Community Middle School. Seventh- and eighth-grade social studies teacher Duane Sycz takes that to heart! For years, he has donned a toga, reminiscent of an outfit Julius Caesar wore during his reign as dictator, when helping students understand the enduring impact the Roman Empire had on later civilizations.

“I have discovered that students have a high level of attention when I get into character,” Sycz said, “... they are better able to recall facts about the Roman Empire when they have something to relate it back to, like my toga.”

During a recent lesson, Stockyard students learned about Caesar’s accomplishments, along with various types of government, and how Rome was radically different than civilizations ruled by monarchs.

“Our students thrive when lessons are presented in a creative way,” Steele said.

Mr. Sycz