2017 CONSEF Science Fair Awards

2017 CONSEF Science Fair Awards
Posted on 04/10/2017

Congrats to the following students who participated and placed at the CONSEF Science and Engineering Fair on Saturday, April 8, 2017!

Constellation Schools: Lorain Community Middle
Honorable Mention: Reichen Grieve, Making A Helping Hand

Constellation Schools: Old Brooklyn Community Middle
Silver Medal: Chase Manson, Magnet Madness
Silver Medal: Sydney Kammerer, Thirsty Potatoes
Gold Medal: Edward Saroukhan, Electric Pencils
Gold Medal: Elizabeth Davis, Candy Waterfall
Gold Medal: Natalie Horstman, On a Roll

Constellation Schools: Puritas Community Middle
Honorable Mention: Adriana Krauss, What is the Best Type of Water for Violet Plants?
Honorable Mention: Brandon Torres, Density Tower

Constellation Schools: Westpark Community Middle
Bronze Medal: Aidan Nowak, Do Video Games Affect One's Body?
Bronze Medal: Audrey Wolodzko, We are the Champions of the Sun
Silver Medal: Aariana Garcia, Find Magnets Attracting
Silver Medal: Logan Cruz, From Trash to Gas
Silver Medal: Wesley Bryant, Which Material Has the Most Air Resistance?
Gold Metal: Aidan Sheehan, Which Insulator Works the Best?
Gold Medal: Hannah Caraballo, The Secret of Water is Revealed