Employee Benefits

Medical Insurance
Constellation Schools offers two health insurance plans for employees to choose from. Both plans are Preferred Provider Organizations (PPO’s) with prescription drugs covered after co-pays. For Provider Network information, check the website at www.myuhc.com and search the "Choice Plus Network. Spousal coverage will be available ONLY for spouses that are not eligible for coverage under their own employer sponsored plan. (Eligibility - full time employees)

Dental Insurance
The PPO Dental Plan includes preventative, basic, and major dental services. Orthodontia for children is also covered. For current network provider listings, check the website at www.myuhcdental.com. (Eligibility - full time employees)

Vision Insurance
The Network Vision plan includes annual exams. Vision materials are covered on a schedule. For provider network information, check the website at www.myuhcvision.com. (Eligibility - full time employees)

Life Insurance
A life insurance policy in the amount of $50,000 is issued to each eligible employee. There is no cost for employees to enroll. Beneficiaries are named by each employee. (Eligibility - full time employees)

Payroll Deductions
All employee medical, dental and/or vision premium contributions are made by “pre-tax” payroll deduction, paid current for all employees. All Aflac contributions are made by "after-tax" payroll deductions and are current for all participating eligible employees. All mandatory and applicable Federal, State and Local taxes are deducted each pay.

AFLAC plans pay direct cash benefits in case of accident or illness. Optional plans include Disability, Accident, Critical Illness (Cancer, Heart Attack, Stroke, Kidney Failure, Coronary Artery Bypass, etc.), Personal Sickness, Hospital Protection which includes maternity, additional life insurance, etc. All AFLAC plan contributions are made by "after-tax" payroll deduction; benefit payments are tax free; plans are portable within 30 days of separation. (Eligibility - full time employees)

Constellation Schools participates in both SERS (School Employees Retirement System of Ohio) and STRS (State Teachers Retirement System of Ohio). SERS employees contribute 10% of gross income with a 14% employer match. STRS employees contribute 14% of gross income with a 14% employer match. Click to view more information regarding these retirement programs.

403b - One America
Constellation Schools offers the opportunity for all eligible staff to invest in a "pre-tax" 403b plan (401k for Constellation Central Office Staff) through payroll deduction.

Benefit Time
Sick Time: All full time Constellation Schools employees are given 1.25 sick days per month, up to 120 days.

Personal Time: All full time Constellation Schools employees are given 3 Personal Days at the beginning of each fiscal year.

Vacation Time: All full time, year round, Constellation Schools employees are given Vacation Time. The number of weeks is determined by job category.

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