"Searched for a great school and OBCE delivers. Second year there and we could not be more pleased. Great staff, diverse classrooms, and tons of support for families."
-- Joanna P.

"My granddaughter is in the first grade now. Best decision ever was to start her at this school in kindergarten."
-- Missy M.

"Old Brooklyn Community Elementary is the best decision my husband and I ever made for our son's future. He started Kindergarten this year and we love it! Thank you OBCE, we truly cannot thank the staff enough for all you do for our kids everyday!!"
-- Jessica A.

"My kids have been attending Elyria Community for 6 years and the other child 4 years. I couldn't ask for a better school for my kids to attend especially when you live in the city of Elyria and the schools are not that great."
-- Amy S.

"Love the way Constellation Schools care about our children's future."
-- Maribel S.

"My son is in first grade....Really the school is amazing ...we feel the change and the difference with him."
-- Fawzy I.

"I'm sad I can only give 5 stars to this school because they deserve SO many more! The teachers and staff go above and beyond for all the students. I cannot say enough positive things about this school. Thank you Constellation for all that you do...keep up the awesome job!!!!"
-- Holly G.

"We just withdrew our girls from Parma Community Middle because we're relocating to North Olmsted, but after 4 years here I can honestly say this school was an excellent alternative to Parma City Schools. I can't say enough good things about them. We'll definitely miss them!"
-- Monica B.

"Amazing place for children and families!"
-- Summer A.

"Our daughter really enjoys the school thus far; also the teachers and entire staff are friendly and professional."
-- Lorenzo J.

"Best school ever..great teachers..great parent teacher relationships..we love Puritas Community Constellation."
-- Jenn M.

"My daughter has done so well and the teachers are all so wonderful!"
-- Sarah A.

"The best school for my son Jesse he loves his teacher Mrs. Fago and we love the school!"
-- Alexander R.

"Love Elyria Elementary and Middle school!!!"
-- Lisa D.

"Best school so far. My kids love it. They actually want to go to school; they don't have to worry about bullies anymore."
-- Destiny M. - Eastside Arts Academy

"Great school! Very kind and helpful staff while picking up fundraiser materials for my nephew."
-- George H. - Elyria Community Elementary

"My children attend this school system. They have a highly advanced curriculum for the students that ensure they will graduate with much more knowledge then a public school graduate."
-- Russell S. - Elyria Community Elementary

"Great school!"
-- Tia V. - Lorain Community Middle

"The teachers are so nice; my daughter loved the school."
-- Luz B. - Madison Community Elementary

"Great school"
-- Beatriz - Madison Community Elementary

"Great school; my daughter loved it!"
-- Arlene R. - Madison Community Elementary

"Ms. Alferio is a great teacher!! She works very well with kids. If I could I would want my daughter Tayja to be in her class again next year. I give you an A+ keep up the good work thanks for every thing!!!"
-- Anonymous - Madison Community Elementary

"Nice teachers, clean school"
-- Anonymous - Parma Community Elementary

"My kids have been going to Constellation Schools their whole life. I wouldn't send them anywhere else. The staff is helpful and they always try and fix any problem that might arise."
-- Rebecca S. - Parma Community Middle & High

"My children have been there since Kindergarten and now they are in 4th and 5th grade. This school is wonderful and would highly recommend it."
-- Jamie J. - Stockyard Community Elementary

"The Staff Is Amazing ❤"
-- Savannah M. - Stockyard Community Elementary

"Love this school"
-- Milagros O. - Westside Community School of the Arts