1:1 Laptop Program

Our 1:1 laptop program increases the use of technology to engage students and improve academic achievement. In addition to G Suite for Education (formerly Google Apps), the use of our online curriculum and other educational apps provide our students with personalized and differentiated learning activities. From practicing basic keyboarding and mouse skills to learning to code and screencast, our students hone transferable technical skills necessary for future success.

Our teachers receive significant technology training, from after school workshops to one-on-one sessions with technology integration coaches. Constellation provides training in G Suite for Education and other web-based tools to support our 1:1 laptop initiative. Constellation students in grades 2-12 participate in our 1:1 laptop program. They receive a laptop to use in school, and after extensive lessons on digital citizenship, online safety and laptop care, they earn the privilege to take their laptops home. To prepare our kindergartners and 1st graders, our students have access to either desktops or laptops to begin typing and computer basics. Our teachers integrate technology in many innovative and creative ways at all grade levels.