Elyria Community Elementary (EK-3)

Dear Families, 

Since 2001, Elyria Community Elementary has provided students with a well-rounded educational program that integrates character education into daily lessons. Our school features hands-on and project-based learning to engage all learners. 

We teach four core subjects (English Language Arts, Math, Science & Social Studies) and five specialty subjects (Art, Music, PE, Social-Emotional Learning & Technology).  We customize instruction through small group learning and education technology. Our classrooms are equipped with Smartboards and 1:1 Chromebook access for each student. 

Academic and social development of all students is supported by a qualified team of experienced leaders, certified teachers, instructional aides, and student-centered support staff. 

Our school hosts a number of events and traditions to engage students and families throughout the school year such as the Kindergarten Promotion, Family Holiday Night, Music & Band concerts, Summer Bash, and many more. 

Thank you for choosing Elyria Community Elementary! 


Brian Belmont

Bryan Voit
Leadership Fellow (EK-3)