Stockyard Community Middle (7-8)

Dear Families, 

Stockyard Community Middle School provides students in grades 7-8 with a well-rounded educational program that prepares them for success in high school and beyond. We emphasize hands-on and project-based learning with a focus on character education.  

We customize instruction through small group learning and education technology. Our classrooms are equipped with Smartboards and 1:1 Chromebook access for each student.   

In middle school, we support students’ growing sense of self by incorporating social-emotional learning into the curriculum and offering extracurricular activities including Chess Club and Student Council with additional offerings planned. 

Our qualified team of experienced leaders, certified teachers, instructional aides, and student-centered support staff embraces a growth mindset. We work with students, parents, and our community to create a positive school culture where students feel safe and valued.  

Students enjoy several events and traditions throughout the school year such as the Kindergarten and Eighth Grade Promotions, Fall Festival, Black History Celebrations, Winter Dance, Prom, Field Day, Career Day, Science & Math Fairs, and more. 

We encourage families to attend special events and become active members of our Stockyard Middle School community.  


Stephanie Eafford

Thamani Draft 
Principal in Residence